Childrens’s Model High School(カトマンズ)と姉妹校提携

松本国際高校は、2018年12月13日、ネパールの首都、カトマンズにあるChildren’s Model High School(チルドレンズ・モデル高等学校/CMHS)と姉妹校提携を結びました。現地の学校では、日本の小学生にあたる1年生から高校3年生にあたる12年生までの全校生徒が参列し、姉妹校提携式が挙行されました。午前中の式典では同校のレグミ理事長と本校の市川副校長とで記念トーチの点灯式を行い、夕刻の歓迎式では生徒による見事な民族ダンスが披露されました。

On December 13, 2018, Matsumoto Kokusai High School signed a sister school partnership with Children’s Model High School (CMHS) in Kathmandu.
All the students, from the first grade of elementary school to the 12th grade, took part in the sister school affiliation ceremony held in Nepal. During the ceremony, in the morning, the lighting ceremony of the commemorative torch was held by the president Mr.Dev Raj Regmi and the
vice- principal of our school, Ms.Ichikawa, and a spectacular ethnic dance by the CMHS students was performed at the welcome ceremony, in the evening.
On December 21, Principal Nagahara announced the acceptance of international students to the school, photographs of the ceremony held in Kathmandu were shown by vice- principal Ichikawa, and finally Principal Nagahara and Ms. Neupane, who for the occasion wore a traditional costume, lit the the brass torch donated by CMHS. In addition, some graduate students of CMHS gifted a wooden clock to the student council of Matsumoto Kokusai.
In the future, as an IB certified school, we will plan class exchanges and various exchange activities between students